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Growing Giants: Learn how to grow your own GIANT

Andy Mills:

Meade County Extension Office


Is Bigger Better? Whether we need it or not we always want and think bigger is better—a bigger piece of cake, a bigger house, a bigger tractor. It’s no different most of the time when we are growing our fruits and vegetables especially when we are talking about watermelons and pumpkins. Growing giant vegetables might not have a practical application when trying to produce food to feed as many people as possible, but it sure is fun.

On March 12, at 6 p.m. Frank Mudd, Flaherty’s very own giant melon growing expert, will be sharing how he has grown several of the largest watermelons in the world, including the 3rd largest ever—a whopping 341 pounds.

We hope to get more local people to give growing giant melons a try because for the four years one of the official weigh-offs will be here in Meade County. On September 19, 2020, the Kentucky Giant Pumpkin Growers Association will have the weigh-off for giant pumpkins and watermelons at Roberts’ Family Farm in Guston. Contestants from several states will bring their massive pumpkins and melons to Roberts’ Family Farm to see who has raised the biggest. Anyone can enter.

Therefore, if you are curious about growing giant melons, come listen to Frank Mudd on March 12th. You will learn that bigger is truly better.