Hard work pays off

By Richard Fairman

 The Meade County High School Ladywave Golf team has had to work very hard this season due to limited matches and schools not participating, but they took it upon them selves to play in individual tournaments, either as a team or on their own, work on their game during the off season and support each player no matter what the outcome. All their hard work finally was rewarded on September 29, when they made history becoming the first Ladywave golf team to bring home a Ladies REGIONAL CHAMPION Trophy to Meade County High School.

 Head Coach Chris Love said earlier in the season that this was a special group of girls, and that they would be a strong contender this season at regionals.

 “It was a beautiful day on the course today, and the girls just played. They had a few struggles in the beginning but settled in quickly, didn’t let a mistake bother them to carry over to the next hit. If they muffed a shot, or missed a put, they just put it behind them and moved on, and that is one thing these girls are good at doing, not letting it get them down, but just know what they did and not do it again.” Love said of the girls play at regionals. “These girls are constantly picking each other up, it is really nice to watch them, and how they support each other. For the last few years, we have been right there at the end. Well this year, we are on top, and I could not be any prouder of all these girls. They earned this, and I’m happy for them.”

 Meade finished with a score of 344 beating North Hardin (348) by just four strokes, with junior Jenna Pike leading the way shooting an 83. Pike’s teammates weren’t far behind as each finished with respectable scores.

 “I struggled on a few holes early, but calmed down mentally to come back and shoot well,” Pike said of her round. “This was my personal best in a tournament like this. I was shaking on the first hole, and that’s why I didn’t do very good on that hole, but after that I just settled in and didn’t let it get me down. I knew that it was going to come down to either us or North Hardin. I’m just glad we all shot well enough to beat them this year.”

 Mimi Honaker finished the match with an 87 and has been with the team for the last three times that they have competed in regionals and couldn’t be happier that the team finally brought home the trophy.

 “I think it’s cool that for the first time we get to go to State as a team. I believe that this is the first time this has happened. That’s pretty awesome.” Honaker said of the teams win, “We have all worked and tried so hard for this, and to finally get it, especially as juniors, and Peyton (Bradley) as an eighth grader makes it even more special.

 Haley English shot the second-best score for the Ladywaves finishing with an 86. English also praised the team’s hard work this season to reach the goal they set for the team last season

 “This just feels so good, and I believe we deserve this due to the all the hard work each one of us have put into this season. Each one of us practiced really hard during the off season, and it payed off today,” Haley English said of the girls. “Leading up to Regionals, we all really buckled down and supported one another. Like with Jenna writing each of us notes and sticking them to our bags. That really puts you in a good mood and boosts your confidence out on the course.”

 The KHSAA State Golf tournament will kick off in Bowling Green with the men starting Oct 5. Owen Honaker and Cooper Crump will compete for Meade, and the ladies finish up on Oct 9, with the entire Ladywave team competing.

Regional scores

Ladywaves 344

Jenna Pike - 83

Haley English - 86

Mimi Honaker - 87

Avery Shacklette - 88

Peyton Bradley - 90

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