Have we come full circle?

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 Here we go again....did we not learn anything from the last time citizens trusted representatives of the Industrial Authority? Isn’t it interesting that a number of grain companies voiced concerns about doing business with our farmers because of the individuals representing certain county entities. At least one stating clearly that they would be very interested in putting in a granary if they could work with just the farmers and not if they were being represented by certain members of the Industrial Authority.

 Now comes the article in last week’s edition of this paper with a picture of the head of the same Industrial Authority that sold out the farmers less than a year ago. Have the facts of the “sell-out” and the deceitful actions and words changed?

 How about the increase in taxes that we will all have to pay because the steel mill will not be paying property taxes on the land they purchased? According to the previous Superintendent Millay in Jan. of this year, NUCOR would be exempt from paying property taxes based on KRS 103.285. This KRS rule states that land owned by city or county and leased to an industrial concern shall be tax exempt as all other public property used for public purposes.

 So, if this is the Kentucky Revised Statute that justified NUCOR’s exemption from paying school taxes on the land PURCHASED...not LEASED then it should have the entire case reviewed by a qualified attorney outside of Meade County because the land was purchased not leased therefore making the tax exemption given to this company, illegal.

 So, guess who’s land/property will be assessed at a higher tax rate....who owns or leases for agricultural purposes, the

largest amount of land? FARMERS!!!

 So here we are again, the same farmers who lost their shipping facility because of under the table deals made by those in power and those appointed to lead the industrial authority, having to pay higher property taxes to make up for those lost tax dollars when NUCOR was given a free pass by using a KRS out of context.

 So try not to get to awfully upset when you go to pay your property taxes knowing that you are paying more because someone has to make up the difference right? But don’t worry, one of the players that negotiated the deal, is apparently brokering another deal for you. If you find yourself getting upset by the higher taxes you will pay, you can go over to your public library and find a safe place to meditate. Well on second thought maybe not, that will only incite you further when you realize you are paying for that taj mahal too.

 Ever hear the old adage “Screw me once-shame on you. Screw me twice-shame on me”?

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