Have you ever wanted to be published in a magazine?

Have you ever wanted to be published in a magazine?

Here’s your chance! The Meade County Messenger & MCKY will be publishing the following magazines in 2020 through 2021: Kentucky Haunted Times Magazine, Grandma’s Recipes Magazine, Meade County Church & Cemeteries Magazine, Meade County History Magazine, Meade County Business Directory, Outdoor Meade County Magazine and Country Neighbor’s Magazine.

If you are interested in submitting an article on one of the topics listed at the bottom of this post, please follow these instructions:

Article submissions: Please send your article submission(s) as a word doc., PDF, or physically printed page to: mcmsales2@meadecountyly.com, or by mail to The Meade County Messenger, c/o Crystal Leo, 138 Broadway, Suite A, Brandenburg, KY 40108.

All articles should be formatted with 12 point font, Times New Roman and double spaced.

We read all submissions within 90 days of arrival, and will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material. Due to the volume of submissions we might receive, we are unable to call or e-mail unless a story is accepted for publication. If you have not heard from us within 90 days, please assume that we will not be able to publish your article. Submissions sent by regular mail will not be returned, so please do not send original copies of your work.

Topics we are accepting articles on:

Kentucky’s Haunted Times: Real life (or historic) ghost stories that take place in Kentucky such as Perryville Battlefield, Waverly Hills Sanitorium or Liberty Hall. Urban Legends based in Kentucky such as the Hilly Billy Beast or the Pope Lick Monster (aka the Goat Man). We will only be featuring one, possibly two, stories from each city in Kentucky with the exception of any city in Meade County. Please do not submit an article about Leah Smock, she is already being covered. The spookier the story is, the better! Please cite research and sources for your article(s). Deadline is no later than 9/15/2020 and publication should be around 10/15/2020.

Grandma’s Recipes: There’s nothing in this world better than Grandma’s cooking! Send us your favorite recipes that Grandma used to make. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet, spicy, fried or healthy… we want to see them. If you have a great story to go along with the recipe, send that in too! Deadline is no later than 10/15/2020 and publication should be around 11/19/2020.

Meade County Church & Cemeteries Magazine: Amazing stories about any of Meade County’s churches, graveyards or cemeteries. It does not matter if they are historical stories, or recent ones, but we want to read and feel the awesomeness of your chosen church, or cemetery, in your piece. Please know that St. Theresa’s, St Mary’s, Wolf Creek Baptist are already being covered. Deadline is no later than 11/15/2020 and publication should be around 01/07/2021.

Meade County History Magazine: Did your family settle the Meade County area? Or are you a history expert that knows some of those amazing, lesser known stories of Meade County history that the average person doesn’t know? If YES, then we would love to hear from you! We want all things Meade County history for this publication. Please remember to include cite your sources for any research or facts you may use. Deadline is no later than 01/31/2021 and publication should be around March 2021.

Meade County Business Directory: We’re going to list every single business in Meade County that we can find in ONE place for everyone to enjoy! Along with that information we would like to include articles about local businesses too. Whether they are brand new or have been here for fifty years, we want to hear their story. Only a few select articles will be chosen for this publication so make sure your article shines. Deadline is no later than 11/30/2020 and publication should be around the end of January 2021.

Outdoor Meade County Magazine: Hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, walking trails, parks and more! We want articles about everything there is to do, see and enjoy in the beautiful outdoors of Meade County. We don’t expect to tell us about your secret hunting spot, but we would love to hear about all the places and things that Meade County can do to stay active and have fun. Deadline is no later than 03/31/2021 and publication should be around May/June 2021.

Country Neighbor’s Magazine: This publication is all about Meade County and Breckenridge County’s fantastic relationship and long history as neighbors. Do you have a great historical story to tell about the two counties working together? Or perhaps a moving family story that took place in both counties? Maybe even a current story about how your church, business or organization that operates in both counties? Send it all in. Deadline is no later than 05/31/2021 and publication should be around July/August 2021.

Any questions about article submission requirements can be sent to Crystal Leo, the General Manager of the Meade County Messenger and MCKY, at: mcmsales2@meadecountyky.com or you can call the office at 270-422-2155.

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