Henderson halts Meade’s win streak

Senior Casey Turner gets around a Henderson defender while trying to drive the baseline but was unable to complete the layup. Turner finished the game with only nine points.


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The Meade County High School Greenwave basketball team finally ran into some trouble when they hosted the Henderson County Colonels on Jan 26. From the very start of the game Meade found trouble trying to get the ball through Henderson’s press defense. Meade committed passing errors that resulted in turnovers early in the first. Those turnovers hurt as Henderson jumped out to an eight-point lead early, forcing Head Coach Tripure to call a quick timeout. After the timeout Meade began to slowly pick there way through the defense to get the ball up the court and closed the gap quickly with a 3-pointer from senior Casey Turner to get within only one. Meade used that momentum to finally take a one-point lead before the end of the period. Meade once again found difficulties in the second with the Henderson County defense with miscues troubling their offense. Henderson was able to capitalize on Meade’s misfortunes to get back out I front. Meade did their best to stay within striking distance by closing the gap, but Henderson would come right back to spread it out again. Henderson would lead by 12 at one point, but Meade was able to get to within seven by the halftime buzzer sounded.

“I told the boys in that first time out to just settle down and let’s play. Not sure why we came like we did, we were prepared, we knew what they were going to do, but it’s just one of those things I guess,” Coach Tripure said of the boys slow start. “But this is a great game for us this early in the season. They are going to see this later down the road, so I’d rather they see it now and know what to prepare for later on.”

In the second half, Henderson kept Meade out on the perimeter rather than allowing them to drive the ball to get the ball down low for the quick put backs. Even with Meade playing hard aggressive defense, Henderson continued to build their lead, and by the end of the third had spread their lead to ten. So far this season, Meade had been able to overcome teams they trailed behind by using quick passes and driving the basket, but Henderson stayed true to their defense that has been working for them, which Meade just could not get through. Midway through the fourth Meade rallied to go on an 8-2 run and close the gap to six with just three minutes left in the game, but Henderson answered right back with a 3-pointer and a pair of layups that erased any momentum Meade thought they had.

“I was really pleased with our defense for the most part. They did drive on us late, but I think that was mostly due to fatigue. I also think they got a little more physical than us, pushing us around and stuff, but we made a couple of switches that I thought helped us a lot.” Tripure said of how the team played, “It was the turnovers that killed us tonight. We had 17, well that’s what the stats say anyways, and its hard to win games when you’re turning the ball over that many times against a good team like this.”

Meade tried to make a late run in the last minute, but could not close the gap on Henderson, which would result in the team’s first loss of the season.

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