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Here’s a conundrum for you....

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

We have done everything we are supposed to do in the name of COVID.

We stayed home, applied for unemployment, cashed our welfare checks (three so far and some suggestion of a fourth) and socially distanced ourselves from friends and family. We stopped going to church, stopped singing in public and wore face masks and guards that are just as uncomfortable as a pitcher’s cup. (Ask a baseball player, they will explain the cup to you).

We cancelled school functions like graduations and proms. We sent our children home to “learn” from home. To do this, one a parent must quit their job to be a parent-teacher.

We cancelled weddings and vacation plans. We stopped visiting family members that were/are confined to long-term living facilities. We were forbidden visitation with loved ones hospitalized for any reason, not just COVID. For far too many of us, those we were forbidden to see/visit died without a single loved one with them. It then goes without saying that we were forced to mourn our losses with a “drive by” funeral or no funeral at all.

We even had the option of voting for our chosen president on-line because of the whole COVID pandemic and guess what is our reward for our obedience?

Well, we may or may not be inoculated against a given strain of the virus. I say may or may not because with every passing day we are told of a new “strain” of this evil that has been identified in another state.

So, we line up and have the government inject a substance that...well, let’s be honest...a substance that was not given the standard length of time for testing. Yes, the CDC did give it a green light, but had it been an injection for let’s say Shingles, it would still be subjected to years and thousands of tests. Never has there been an inoculation for an illness or disease outbreak that had an antidote roll out to the masses with such landmark speed.

But all that being said, you have a card that proves you are fully compliant with the government’s wishes. You are admonished to take a picture of both the front and back of your card in the event your card gets lost, stolen or destroyed.

You are required to keep your card with you at all times so you can prove you have obeyed all requests and are “safe”.

Now we are hearing that some businesses, airlines, or public transit services may require you to provide proof of your inoculation before you are allowed to use any given mass transit system. So, you have been fully compliant, and now you may not be able to use the services or enter a given business unless you prove you are “safe”.

Now for the conundrum:

You are required to have a library ID card if you intend to check out a book, right?

You are required to have an ID card to prove you are who you say you are to receive medical services and insurance, right?

You must prove who you are when you visit a pharmacy to pick up a medication required to treat a current medical issue, right?

You are required to carry your injection card to prove you are safe to use any mass transit system but...wait...

In May of 2020, Nancy Pelosi was busted trying to sneak in her pet projects and liberal wish list while no one was watching. From The Washington Times: Tucked inside House Democrats’ new coronavirus bill is language that would create a loophole in states’ voter ID requirements, allowing people to cast ballots without having to prove who they are.