Historic LST 325 ship to visit Brandenburg

Trish Turner:

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 The Meade County Historical and Archaeological Preservation Society (MCHAPS) had their monthly meeting on Jan. 20 in the banquet hall adjacent to the Meade County History Museum. Jim Goodall (Sarge) from LST 325 Memorial, Inc. was there to present information about the upcoming docking of the LST 325 in Brandenburg. Also present at the meeting was Annie Hamilton, Executive Director of the Meade County Chamber of Commerce.

The Meade County Chamber Commerce, Meade County Tourism, MCHAPS, and MCMAC are working in coordination with the City of Brandenburg and Meade County Fiscal Court to plan a large multi-day celebration for the entire time the LST 325 will be in Brandenburg. This will include hour-long tours of the ship by her crew, a WWII reenactment, concert in the park, food trucks, and vendors.

Built in 1942, the LST 325 (Landing Ship Tank) is a 328 foot long ship that will dock in Brandenburg and will be available for tours Sept. 18-20 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. These ships could carry 20 Sherman tanks in the giant hold within the ship. They were the only ships ever made that could go anywhere in the world and deposit their cargo onto a hostile beach and then go get another load.

 They were built to run aground, where the ramp would come down and 20 Sherman tanks would roll onto the beach. On the main deck they could also carry 30-40 trucks, tons of fuel, and ammunition or supplies to soldiers. The LSTs were used during World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam conflicts. This ship, LST 325, was in the invasion of Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. It was also at the beach landing in Sicily on July 10, 1943.

There were 1,051 LST’s built, but the LST 135 is the only one of these ships that can still get underway. The LST 135 now participates in annual River Tours along the Ohio River, and Brandenburg is proud to be its first Port of Call in September.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see this ship and go onboard for the tour. The LST 135 made 44 trips across the English Channel during the Invasion of Normandy, and on the tour you can still see the areas where German artillery hit the ship during the battle. This is your chance to see history come alive when you tour the ship with your family and friends.

Be on the lookout for more information in upcoming issues of the Meade County Messenger. This is a huge event for Meade County, where upwards of five thousand people are expected to come into our area to tour the LST 135. For further information you can visit the Meade County Chamber of Commerce at 79 Broadway Street in Brandenburg. You can also contact them by phone at (270)422-3626, or email Annie Hamilton at director@meadekychamber.org. You can’t help but catch the excitement!

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