History of local library

By James Taylor

 The idea of a library in Meade County was conceived at a meeting in 1953 by Mrs. Barry Bingham for a bookmobile program for all Kentucky counties. Six members of the Brandenburg Women’s group attended that meeting.

 In 1954, with funds donated by Olin, the first bookmobile in Meade County was presented to the County Judge at the Meade County Fair.

 In 1955, the Brandenburg Women’s Civic Club, with donations, started a library in a rented store space in Brandenburg for the first library.

 Mrs. Marie Coleman was hired as the librarian and bookmobile driver.

 The library soon outgrew its store space and moved in 1956 to a remodeled storage building purchased by the BWCC.

 In 1967, the library moved to 400 Library Place, a former educational institution and remained there until 2011 when it moved to Old Ekron Road, where it remains open today.

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