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Holy Trinity Easter Service by the River


Messenger Staff

On Easter Sunday, the congregation of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church held their service in a pavilion at the Brandenburg Riverfront Park. The Reverend Roger Walker awaited the arrival of his congregants for the service that was to start at 10:15 a.m. and welcomed them as they showed up. As members arrived, they were greeted with sacred musical selections played by keyboardist Telly Quinones, violinist Malinda Pankl, bass recorder player Bill Session, and clarinetist Richard Pankl. It was a beautiful and sunny day, but down by the river a brisk breeze kept the musicians scrambling to hang onto their music books. Congregants pulled their coats a little tighter, and some even retrieved blankets from their car. By the start of the service there were at least 20 people in attendance.

All the hymns were Easter themed, such as Christ the Lord is Risen Today—Alleluia! Members of the congregation presented readings that emphasized thankfulness for the Lord giving us redemption.

The sermon given by Reverend Walker recounted that Easter (Christ’s resurrection) is our only hope. People need hope, and the resurrection of Jesus gives us hope. He stated that Easter is more than just one day, it is a living faith that fills our life with hope.

Following the communion service, Father Walker dismissed the attendees with a blessing, and musical selections were played as everyone took time to greet each other and disperse. It was a moving and intimate service.