Honor Marriage through Faithfulness to Your Spouse ?

Q: I have been married for 20 years and our

relationship has lost it sparkle. Recently I have

become acquainted with a man at work who

flirts with me. We have shared social drinks

on two occasions and he wants to take our

relationship farther. What will it hurt if I have

an affair with him?

A: I implore you to step back from the

attraction you have for this individual. Your relationship with him is as dangerous to you as having a poisonous snake loose in your car. You are about to make a critical breach in your marriage relationship that will cause heartbreak, jealousy and regret.

God has said in the Ten Commandments “You shall not commit adultery” (Ex. 20:14). Committing adultery breaks trust with our spouse and it divides the oneness God desires us to experience with our marriage mate (Gen. 2:24). Adultery damages the trust in a marriage through betrayal. It transfers the marital bond in one partner to someone else.

Instead of pursuing a relationship with another, you should put extra time into rebuilding your love relationship with your husband. Love that has waned can be rebuilt. The added effort you put in it will bring rich rewards.

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