Hornets comes back to sting Greenwaves


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No matter the sport, teams can get on streaks, it could be a winning streak, that no team wants to end. Or it could be a losing streak, that every team strives to put an end too. Unfortunately for the Meade County Greenwave Basketball team, it’s the later. The team has dropped their last six games, all close games but just could not get the win. In a makeup game on Feb 27, Meade was looking to change their season around when the Hancock County Hornets came to town.

At the start of the game, it looked as though Meade may have figured out an offense that was going to bring them back to their winning ways. Meade racked up an eight-point lead before the midpoint of the first period, with seniors Dylan Abell and Casey Turner leading the way. After a Hancock timeout, Meade continued to build on their momentum crashing the boards for the put backs. By the end of the first Meade had jumped out to a 10-point lead. Abell and Turner accounted for 15 of Meade’s 17-points by the end of the first, while Meade’s defense held Hancock to only seven-points. At the start of the second period Hancock was able to keep pace with Meade but could not close the gap from the first period. Each time Hancock would build any momentum and start to close the gap, Meade would buckle down to grab it right back. Meade finished the first half strong stretching their lead over Hancock to 12-points as they headed to the locker room at the half.

 After the half, both teams came out playing a fast-paced offense, with Hancock capitalizing on miscues from Meade. Hancock kept chipping away at Meade’s lead by grabbing an extra rebound, getting second, and even third chances at a put back. Meade’s defense was still giving Hancock issues which did not allow them time to put together a run in the third, allowing them to maintain the lead, but Hancock had made up some ground in the third and at the end were only trailing by nine.

 The fourth period found both teams getting into foul trouble, which Meade took advantage of. Meade stretched their lead to 15 with just under three minutes left in the game, but then Hancock found another gear. Only three players scored for Hancock in the final period of the game, those three players all combined for a total of 18-points, while Meade’s final period score was 8. Even though Meade had led the entire game, Hancock came back to tie the game with just 23 seconds left on the clock. After a Meade timeout, Hancock was able to steal the ball from Meade as they brought the ball up the court. Hancock completed the steal with a layup taking the two-point lead with just 4.7 seconds left. Hancock’s defense would again make a play knocking the ball out of bounds, not allowing Meade a shot with .01 left on the clock. After a pair of timeouts from both teams as they attempted to design a final play that would give their team the best possible outcome. Senior Cannon Decker launched the ball inbounds towards the basket, which bounced off the rim with Meade players jumping to attempt to tip it in before the clock ran out, but it was not to be, as Hancock had come all the way back, handing Meade their seventh loss in a row.

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