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I am guilty

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

I asked last week about the cost to the taxpayers for the blatant misuse of the legal process. This week I ask about the cost to the taxpayers for the blatant manipulation of the law and the knowingly false accusations and purposeful twisting of an opinion editors writings.

When an attorney is elected to represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the prosecution of felonies, it is only natural that the citizens who entrusted him/her with that level of power and responsibility would in turn expect that person to be honorable and honest in the execution of their duties. We would not have expected that he/she would use the power they have been given as a weapon to carryout and assist local politicians, both elected and appointed, “community leaders” and a local attorney to strong arm citizens and businesses in an attempt to stop the publisher and staff writers of The Meade County Messenger from investigating and reporting questionable actions and activities of these very people.

When these aforementioned individuals failed in their many attempts to stop the reporting of their behaviors, misleading statements, behind closed door manipulations and deals made to replace citizens that have or likely will not “fall in line” with questionable decisions and votes, they began a campaign designed to close the doors of this paper.

When the Publisher refused to fire or replace current staff and writers, what follows can only be described as a disgusting campaign designed to destroy a business, reputations and individual lives. Threats made in person but shrouded in fake familiarity. Platitudes voiced to try to use previous business relationships as leverage to stop the printing of revealing activities.

In the coming weeks, I will lay out for you as best as I can, the timelines and attempts made to discredit this paper, its Publisher and staff/writers.

You have been given bits and pieces of what has occurred behind the scenes but I want you to know in the words of Mr. Paul Harvey, “the rest of the story”.

So what is the story? Well, it is no will be facts and it should be!

By now you are likely wondering to what am I admitting on, but be gentle in your judgement of me, I have to cross the aisle.....

Our first installment will be to stop the ludicrous, spin that a local radio “host” ignorantly and incessantly is trying to spin. I am not kin to nor do I even know the gentleman that is running against Nancy Tate for the position of State Representative. I have never spoken to Mr. Chism and would not know him if he knocked on my door to ask me to cross the aisle and vote for a Democrat.

Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Johnson, but your assertions are not only absurdly inept, but you hold the honor of proudly yet falsely purporting some type of “kin folk conspiracy” that will be “embarrassing to the paper”. So, yes there will be some “embarrassment” and while no one likes it, I am sure you will handle yours with grace and style.

Additionally, it is time to bust another of your self-righteous bubbles, and reveal to you my political party affiliation....I am a dyed in the wool, life long, staunchly proud, Republican! I have never voted for a Democrat and it saddens me to say that while I appreciate and support Mrs. Tate’s Pro-Life platform and have celebrated the work she has done to affirm the sanctity of life, I cannot vote for her this time. The secret meetings, the dishonest treatment of the very farmers she campaigned to in the previous election, the dishonest claim to have secured $2 Million to assist in getting another Granary combine to cause me be unable to support her re-election.

I honestly struggled with that decision because I wanted to give her the benefit of doubt and hoped she would reach out to the voters of Meade County and give us something that would re-ignite the GOP base but she has not. When a citizen gave her the opportunity to take ahold of a proverbial “olive branch” that was being extended to her from a staff writer for this paper, Mrs. Tate snubbed his offer and showed her inability to “come to the table.” When this same citizen asked her if “farmers were being asked or included” in a discussion that directly affected them she replied “why should the farmers be included/involved?”

Sadly, Mrs. Tate, if you have to ask, then you really don’t get have shown disrespect for the very industry that got you elected the first time, you should not expect a repeat performance from them.

Next week, let’s re-visit the first questionable involvement of our elected Commonwealth Attorney as it relates to his/her involvement in a very tragic turn of events. Why was this individual introduced into the “negotiations” when there was no reported or acknowledged felony crime and no charges to be brought before a Grand Jury.....let’s talk about the “who and why”.....