“I am not wearing that d... mask, I don’t care what she says....”

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 Standing in line to pick up my prescriptions, I heard a couple of ladies standing the required 6 ft behind me discussing the Governor’s new requirement that says all Kentuckians should wear a mask/shield beginning on Monday, May 18.

 Now, lest you think I eavesdrop on others private conversations let me preface this by saying, these two ladies were standing the required distance apart as well and so whispering becomes a challenge at that distance and there were several people involved in the conversation so everyone was adding their two cents worth.

 So, back to the subject of the conversation...

 It seems that one of the two ladies had been shopping at one of those large box type stores a few days earlier and had happened upon a young woman that was telling her friend her reasoning for not wearing a face mask.

 There were several reasons she gave that in her mind made perfect sense as to why she was not going to wear “a damn mask”. She felt that “this whole COVID thing was some man made hoax that someone came up with just to to scare everyone so they can sell stuff and make a bunch of money”... we all just looked around as if to say “well, she could be right”.

 If any “news” network could be trusted to report the truth, I am sure they would confirm her suspicions and no doubt would spin a web that would lead us all back to Donald Trump! Unfortunately the tax paying citizens have been fleeced of billions of their hard earned dollars on false narratives and likely lies, and are no more interested in throwing more money in the rat hole that some political leaders continue to dig.

 I seriously doubt that the young lady’s reasoning had little if any “conspiracy” theory behind her remarks. In fact, I would be willing to bet she could not give any intelligent reasoning’s for her well thought out and clearly logical explanation as to why she was not going to wear “a damn mask”. Why do I make such harsh assertions about her reasoning’s?

 “It messes with my hair and makeup. I spend over an hour every morning fixing my hair and makeup and as soon as I put that damn thing on, it messes up both and I am not going to go out in public like that”. With that single defense of her reasoning, I rest my case on her superior intellectual abilities.

 Now back to the lady in the line with me, she did have what I thought was a clever response:

 “I don’t think the coroner or undertaker will mind to fix both your hair and makeup for you if you decide not to wear that damn mask. Just make sure you have a good picture of yourself so the coroner can get it just right”.

 I want to take a moment to thank so many of you that have responded to my rantings and ramblings each week. I do honestly appreciate the feedback whether positive or negative, each one provides me with the opportunity to learn and grow.

 I would like to invite you to send your comments and suggestions to me via the drop box located close to the door of The Messenger. Having not been in their office in years, I am not familiar with the exact drop box location.

 If you have information that you feel needs to be investigated, please feel free to leave that information in the drop box as well.

 I do not need to know your name so you may submit your suggestions and/or information to me anonymously.

 You need to make sure you indicate the information should be forwarded to Conrad Doyle. If you fail to specify that you want it to be directed to me, it will be filed with all the other letters that are received without a signature.

 The paper does require the identity of the writer before anything is can be printed but I do not so you must specify that your letter is intended to be routed to Conrad Doyle.

Give us your feedback:

With the election date changed to allow for mail-in voting, what if any concerns do you have about voting by mail?

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