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I will not apologize

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 ...for the color of my skin, and nor should you. I am not responsible for the color of my parents skin anymore than they were or are, the same can be said for your parents. A trace of my lineage/ancestry reveals some disturbing facts that while universal at that time in history, is never-the-less disturbing.

 With that revelation, I still offer no apologies for them or myself. I am proud of my forefathers and proud of my lineage and will not apologize as I have nothing to apologize for.

 For what society, or certain segments therein, now determines to be reprehensible actions that occurred generations before my grand entrance upon the world stage, I will not apologize.

 For not supporting decisions and actions of “my people” as they pertain to the events playing out in our cities and now small towns, I will not apologize. I have not and will not condone the lawless behaviors that have become synonymous

with the rioting and protesting, looting and destruction, burning and defacing of both private and public properties.

 For not supporting hate groups, regardless of their “platform”, I will not apologize. Wrap yourself in whatever flag you so desire, I could never care less for any cause that uses a flag to spread hate. Like it or not, the only flag that will ever fly at my house, is the flag that celebrates the freedoms that we all are blessed to enjoy. The flag that represents the great State of Kentucky and the flag that represents my Christian belief’s are merely representative of my choices. I have the freedom to make those choices because of the sacrifices made by my forefathers, and for these, I will not apologize.

 Furthermore, for the home in which I live and its location, for the automobile in which I travel, for the degree’s that adorn the walls of my office, for the clothes I wear or the fashions I follow, for the way I style what hair I have left, for the church I attend and the Bible I read, for the God I worship and to whom I pray... I will not apologize.

 For defending my family, my possessions, my property from theft, burning and harm, my business from looting, burning and graffiti, I will defend it by whatever means is necessary, whatever means is legal, whatever means afforded me via my rights as a citizen of the United States of America. If that be by my constitutional right to bear arms, I will not apologize.

 For the right to peaceably assemble and/or protest, for protecting my community and property from destruction, for supporting my community by creating a human barrier to prevent the willful destruction of items, people and structures, I will not apologize.

 For supporting law enforcement and others that daily put themselves directly in the line of fire to protect all citizens of all communities, I will not apologize.

 For the disgusting and demeaning rhetoric I heard coming from the mouths of those in attendance at the “protest” staged on Fri. June 12th, for the ignorance hidden behind the constant barrage of filthy name calling, for the lack of human decency, for the constant use of the “f” word, for the actions of outsiders that came just to antagonize attendees, for the ignorance of reason, and so much more... I am horribly ashamed!

 For the individual that was seen throwing punches at the occupants of a vehicle, for the hate spewed from the mouths of those in the vehicle, I will not apologize but you should! We had the opportunity to dispel falsehoods about our

county/community, we had the opportunity to rise above, to be better, to do better...

 We had one chance to show that we respect the rights of all citizens, one chance to get it right...

 For the sickening verbal accosting that took place between ignorant

attendees and one of our local educators... between hurling insults laced with trash talk and “f” bombs, you had a chance to be a true educator, to teach, to inform... to be an example to our children