Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Please explain to me why would any responsible parent leave a decision on life and death to the child? Do these parents leave all of life’s other decisions to the child? Do we ask “Little Johnny, do you want to go to the dentist?” NO! Do we ask “Little Dolly, do you want to go to the doctor?” NO! Do we ask “Little 13 year old Stevie, do you want to drive yourself to school?” Again…NO! Then please explain to me how leaving the decision to get or not get the COVID-19 vaccine makes any sense! I don’t know any person when asked “would you like to get a shot” would beg to be the first in line. We as adults make adult decisions for ourselves and our children, regardless of the age of the child. If parents see the need to help themselves stay alive and get the vaccine so they can be here to raise their children, then how can these same parents make a decision that leaves their children vulnerable to this evil, man-made hell that is COVID? It makes no sense and is IRRESPONSIBLE!

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