It’s been a good week


Submitted by Conrad Doyle


 Learned a new word this week, and that’s a good thing. The Meade County Messenger came close to breaking a remarkable, nearly two hundred-year record this week as well.

 “Refutation” the word is “Refutation”-I’ve been to many of the states that make up this great nation, three World Fairs, and two goat roping’s, and I have never heard that word!

 Oh well, any day that gives the opportunity to learn something new is a good day.

 Question: what do these people have in common? Mary Ann Evans, Joanne (J.K.) Rowling, Gloria Jean Watkins, Eric Blair, Theodore Geisel?

 Give up? They all wrote under a “pen name.” So why then is it “unethical and deceiving” for someone else to write an article and submit it for publication?

 Many remarks have been made and questions asked about the who and the why all the “secrecy” surrounding my identity and my sources.

 Let me offer my own answer to these questions:

 *Conrad Doyle is not exactly one person because he speaks for the silent majority of the population that have no voice because, much like the farmers of Meade and surrounding counties, they have been cast aside, marginalized and ignored, labeled as old, ignorant, out of touch with this new tech society and modern business methods. We built this county with the sweat of our brows and with tools that drew blood from blisters made from hours of manual labor. Oh and yes, we did walk to school in 5 ft. of snow, up-hill, both ways!

 *We are the residents of this county that pay taxes over and over again, every year we pay again for the same properties that we have worked a lifetime to build. Every single year, we have our property taxes raised even though our homes are older and usually have less value in today’s real-estate market. We pay higher and more taxes from our limited income and resources to pay for buildings we will never be in, for land we will never own, for amenities and décor that has no real value but to make our leaders look good. Then there is the added cost of the staff, supplies, insurance, utilities and upkeep of these fine new buildings.

 *We are the people that are informed because we read, we listen, we research but most of all, we see through the pious, pompous arrogance that has infiltrated politics on every level including local politicians that think they can do whatever they want, to anyone they wish. They have made, and intend to make, changes that will allow them even more power to do whatever they want without having to consult, inform, ask or explain their reasons.

 Well, I have used my allotted space and didn’t even get to the real purpose of this week’s editorial. I wanted to discuss the most confusing part of this entire “identity” saga, but my feelings were really hurt last week and I need to go to my safe place where my emotional support dog is waiting for me.

 His name? Oh, he answers to the name MUTT.

Read it Here! (week 4)

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