It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 The excitement and anticipation that comes with the changing of the seasons. From daytime temps in the 90’s to crisp fall

mornings with temps in the 40’s. From sweating through band practices to blankets and hot chocolate following the half-time show on Friday night football. The giddy expectation that draws us to shiver when the cool evening wind brings the easily identifiable fragrance of pumpkin pie spice coffee to our memory.

 Soon we will elect another president and look forward to their

inauguration (or not). Just a few short weeks later we will celebrate the blessings of the Thanksgiving season, followed closely by the greatest single day of spending those hard earned dollars that we have been saving up for since last November.

 Like clockwork we reach for our wallets and begin to shell out the “green” stuff like we have our very own money printing machine.

 Oh, wait...for a moment I got lost in the memories of Christmas and Black Friday shopping. Not this year, nope...this year the sound that will get my attention will be the annual opening of the dreaded Meade County tax bills.

 Have you ever paid attention to the amount of tax you get to pay every single day of the year? Well get ready because you will have the opportunity this year to pay even more than you did last year!!!

 Oh just imagine the joy when those beautiful new tax bills greet you in your mailbox...the nostalgia of it is almost sickening isn’t it?

 We should all feel just a bit more “merry” this year because we get to celebrate a “first”...yes, I know you are just giddy with anticipation but slow your roll neighbor. It’s not like you will be getting any refunds or new exemptions this year. Nope, you will instead get to pay a little more for the opportunity to live here in Meade County.

 Some of the tax increases are a little easier to swallow, but some of them will be like trying to drink a cocktail of chocolate covered shards of splintering glass wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket of Ex-lax torpedoes. The easier to “swallow” tax increase will come in the form of higher school taxes. The reasoning behind the increase according to Superintendent Martin is an anticipated decrease in state funding and an increase in operating expenses as a direct result of COVID-19 and the increase strain on the budget because

of PPE, etc.

 Commonsense tells me that the school system should have quite the surplus of funds, not needing near as much for operating expenses since classes were discontinued last March. How many thousands of meals were not served, utilities not needed, fuel not burned providing transportation services, janitorial services/supplies not used, etc.? In other words, empty buses, classrooms and sports fields. Even given the circumstances that cause higher school taxes, nothing is more sickening than to know that the loss of school tax dollars will come primarily because of the exemptions given to an industry that has far more ability to pay than the senior citizens of this county.

 But the greatest gift of all this year will be your opportunity to add your unearned funds (yes those that unemployment checks

could not pay), or those funds yet to be compensated because you are one of the thousands who have yet to receive a check as a result of COVID-19 fallout, and businesses still closed or never to open again. What is this special gift? A library tax that will fatten an already bulging coffer.

 I know you are tired of hearing about the Taj Mahal (A.K.A. -Meade County’s FREE Public Library), and trust me I am sick of driving by it every day and watching the beautiful sign flashing day and night! We, the citizens, are tired of being bled dry by every organization/entity/agency that we are forced to support!

 Have you paid attention to your bills? Do you realize that you are paying double, and even triple, taxes to some state and local programs/businesses? Look at your home phone bill. Look at your cable bill. Look at your cellular bill. Look at your various insurance bills.

Ever heard of a “Local Government Premium Taxes and Collection Fee Meade County”? How about the “Kentucky Premium Surcharge”?

 Well now, don’t that just chap your knickers?...yes, if the County can find a way to get a tax on them!

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