It’s time for all of us to step down off our high horse of hypocrisy

Editorial by Chad Hobbs

 I remember as a child, in a house with three young boys, learning really quick that you didn’t go running to dad yelling, “Daddy, daddy, he hit me!” It did not matter if you were the one who threw the first punch and ran to tattle tale when you got hit, the one who threw the last hit or as I often was, the one who set back and instigated the two other sides to go after each other in the first place; you were all three going to get lined up for equal consequences. Dad did not care whether you started it, instigated it or finished it. If you were going to act like heathens, you were all going to be disciplined as heathens.

 I thought all that would end with childhood, but it appears I was terribly wrong. Adults today act far worse than any kid ever dreamed of. Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam, the Republicans were mean to me. Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam, the Democrats were mean to me. All the while, the three big cable news channels stir the pot.

 I will start by saying I denounce everything about what happened at the Capitol last week. Violence is never the answer. It wasn’t last summer, and it isn’t now. The hypocrisy that was unleashed in its aftermath sure was mind numbing, though.

 People who were fine with people’s houses and businesses burning in cities across this country all last summer in the name of racial justice are suddenly outraged that windows were broken out of the People’s House. This is different they say. Tell that to the countless minority business owners I watched bawling on national TV, as they stood by the firebombed remains of their life’s work that were reduced to ashes. They found no justice from the riots that many politicians and celebrities endorsed.

 Many who demonized the police all last year, as their side’s mob injured and even murdered cops around the country, now are outraged that an officer lost his life because they can blame his death on the other side. I watched posts this past weekend by people who were outraged over police shootings of unarmed, criminals last year turn to celebrate the death of an unarmed veteran being shot in the Capitol last week, claiming “the traitorous (female dog expletive) got what she deserved.” I guess skin color matters to them after all.

 And what about the BLM leader that broke into the Capitol? He says he crawled in through a window to “document” it. Guess they weren’t all crazy right wingers after all. This was also the guy who back in August stood in front of the White House on a megaphone screaming, “We about to burn this s*** down. We gotta rip Trump right out of that office right there. It’s time for a revolution.” He’s with BLM though so he gets a pass, right?

At least half the country remembers the slew of celebrities who held effigies of Trump’s decapitated head, urged their social media followers to blow up the White House and even called for the President to be assassinated. We remember Chris Cuomo stating on CNN, “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” We remember the Democratic National Convention that refused to condemn the riots taking place all over the country. We remember the New York Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones telling us that “destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence.” We remember Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and countless others supporting and at times even calling for attacks on anyone who supported Trump.

 For over four years half of this country has been called deplorable, racist, white privileged Nazis by political leaders, CNN, MSNBC and the majority of the celebrities and sports stars we used to hold in high esteem. They have been spit on and attacked. We have been told we were privileged just because we were born with a lack of melanin in our skin. We have been called sexist only to watch the ones calling us that attack the first female White House Press Secretary over everything from her weight to the modest way she dressed. Those who called us racist then turned and attacked young black conservatives like Candice Owens on national TV calling them everything from race traitors, Uncle Toms and even coons. Then they turned around and elected an old, rich white guy who says you ain’t black if you don’t vote for him and that you have to have a slight Indian accent to work in a gas station. We were forced to pick the loud, abrasive, arrogant New Yorker because the only other choice was the two crooked career politicians the other side offered us, but we’re the bad guys. We’re the racists. We’re the sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Nazis.

 Twitter has banned a sitting President, Facebook removed all the young conservatives from my “Other Videos” page months before the election and replaced them with Pro Bull Riding and comedian videos I guess thinking that they had profiled me well enough that this country bumpkin would never notice, and the Democrats have decided the best way to respond to last week atrocities is to try for the umpteenth time to impeach the President just weeks before he leaves office. All while the Supreme Leader of Iran still has his Twitter account spewing hate and threatening to kill not only the President of the United States but anyone who participated in the elimination of their killer general. Twitter and the Democrats are fine with that though because they hate Trump too. That’s not seen as Iran inciting violence; it’s a late Christmas gift to all the hypocrites.

 As I said in the beginning, I think last week was ridiculous, embarrassing and should not be tolerated, but the Democrats on the national stage and left-wing legacy media have made me feel that way for four years. You can’t provoke a fight with half the country for over four years, then be surprised when someone finally starts swinging.

 It’s time we all got off our political high horses of hypocrisy and look at this through the same eyes my father once looked upon his three young bickering sons — regardless of who threw the first punch, last punch or instigated it, we all need to get our act together, realize that all 50 states are conjoined twins for better or worse, and come together in the middle before it’s too late. Divided, we all fall.

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