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It's time to put the anarchy activists back in their place



 There is a well-known expression that says Nero fiddled while Rome burned. This dig on the despised Roman Emperor can very well be adapted for the United States – the activists fiddled while America burned. The mainstream media could very well be substituted into that expression, as well. We live in a time of offensiveness, victimhood and cancelation. America has become the land of the anarchy minded activists and home of the thin skinned.

For many, it was with great joy that America’s pastime, baseball, brought back the World Series this year with full attendance in the stands. This is 2021, however, and even baseball can be offensive in this crazy world we live in. The term ‘bullpen’ has been synonymous with baseball since 1877. After almost a century and a half, though, PETA is calling for its abolition. After all, cattle have feelings, too.

“Words matter, and baseball ‘bullpens’ devalue talented players and mock the misery of sensitive animals,” says PETA. “PETA encourages Major League Baseball coaches, announcers, players and fans to ‘changeup’ their language and embrace the ‘arm barn’ instead.”

Not to be outdone by the ‘arm barn’ ignoramuses at PETA, woke activists and media talking heads seized the moment to double down on ignorance as they renewed their calls for the Atlanta Braves to change their “offensive” name and ban their signature Tomahawk Chop. Their fake outrage for Native Americans only had one problem, the Native Americans aren’t buying what these phonies are selling.

“We’ve asked those leaders [of tribes in Georgia] to go back to their tribes and speak with them and solicit feedback on the Braves name and on the Chop. We’ve followed up several times, and we haven’t received any negative feedback from tribes in Georgia. They’ve been very supportive, actually,” said Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns Vice-Chairman Donald Kirkland. “I would say, look at the places that you’re hearing outrage because that’s not from tribes in Georgia.”

Then, there is the outrage about the new Halloween series movie, ‘Halloween Kills.’ Since 1978, Michael Myers has killed anyone who has crossed his path, with the exception of Jamie Lee Curtis, in this slasher series. The LGBTQ community has been pushing for more representation in movies for years. The newest Halloween installment obliged them when a gay couple was scripted to live in Michael Myers childhood home. However, once Myers killed the two men, the activists united to go after the fictitious killer. Michael Myers is now, you guessed it, a homophobe.

Let us not forget the newest transexual outrage. Black comedian David Chapelle recently released Netflix comedy special ‘The Closer’ has the trans community up in arms. NPR critic Eric Deggans even went so far as to say, “Chapelle is using his white privilege to excuse his own homophobia and transphobia.” I’m not sure what is more absurd – that a black man is being accused of having white privilege or that a bunch of white men dressed as white woman are getting any traction in their attempt to cancel a black man.

 While the mainstream media is peddling all of these aforementioned stories of fake outrage, there is one story they won’t be sharing. Race pimp Ibram X. Kendi who has made a fortune finding white privilege prevalent and pervasive in every facet of American society tweeted about a recent survey that discovered more than one-third of white students lied or misrepresented their race on college applications. Kendi wrote, “More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted.” It didn’t take Kendi long to delete the tweet once he realized it in fact contradicted his life’s work. As one responder stated before the deletion, “Race activist Ibram Kendi tweeted out a report claiming high numbers of white students falsely identify as people of color to reap benefits. He deleted the tweet after realizing it didn’t advance his argument that whites are privileged in every way.”

In another story you won’t hear about, the National FFA, the largest student-led organization in the nation, destroyed the national media narrative about the south being a cesspool of white supremacy and racism this past week. At this year’s national convention, the agriculture organization elected its new officers for the 2021-2022 year. This included a president, four regional vice-presidents and a secretary. When the names were announced, the Southern Region Vice President was Erik Robinson, Jr., a black member from the state of Georgia. The most powerful person in the largest youth organization in the south is a black man. Doesn’t sound too racist does it?

It turns out that, for the most part in communities all across this country, most people are getting along just fine, regardless of group identity. It is long past time we pull the platform out from under the race/