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Jacobs speaks at Chamber luncheon

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 The January luncheon for the Meade County Chamber of Commerce sold out. The crowd gathered to hear from Johnny E. Jacobs, Vice President and General Manager of Nucor Brandenburg.

 Jacobs, who has been with Nucor for approximately 17 years, began by letting folks know he planned on being a community member himself and living in Doe Valley.

 He then spoke about how Nucor would change the area, and for the better.

“We’re going to change the shape and the face of this area in a very positive way,” said Jacobs. “There is change coming, but I assure you as having been part of Nucor and seeing the opportunities this has presented in areas I’ve been in in the past, this is going to be a wonderful thing to have here in Brandenburg.”

Jacobs informed the crowd that modern steel plants were not like those of the past. He said that Nucor has led the way in technological upgrades that allow their plants to be more modern and environmentally friendly.

“The industry of yesterday is no longer the industry of today,” said Jacobs. “The industry of today is the industry that Nucor helped transform, and it’s the industry that we plan to bring here to Brandenburg.”

Jacobs said that Nucor was the largest recycler in North America. He said that 71 percent of their end product will be produced by recycling material.

“We’re going to effectively take millions of tons of scrap steel out of landfills and turn it back into useable products,” Jacobs said.

He told those in attendance that they have researched ways to limit their noise at the plant, insisting that he wanted to enjoy living her as much as anyone else.