Jesus has a sense of humor

Gerry Fischer:



There is a misconception that church going people are so serious they never have any fun, laugh or tell jokes. That’s just wrong. Christian Churches are comprised of happy fun-loving people who appreciate humor and don’t take themselves so seriously they can’t have fun with each other. Since I was a boy preachers and priests I have known, often include a funny story in their sermons or homilies.

I think it was brother Lyle at Jones Memorial Methodist Church who told of a woman who loved to spend money on things she and her husband couldn’t afford. The husband sought council and Brother Lyle suggested he use a sort of reverse religious psychology on her. Lyle told him when his wife was getting ready to over spend, she should say, “Get Thee behind me Satan,” and that would break his hold on her. The husband reported to Brother Lyle the trick didn’t work and she bought a coat. She looked at an expensive fur coat, but denied her urge to buy and put it back, when a salesman suggested she try it on. It looked so good on her, and she realized Satan’s temptation was upon her, she called out, “Get Thee behind me Satan.” Brother Lyle asked what happened then? He said Satan whispered in her ear, “It fits really well in the back too.”

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