Joe NOW wants unity…

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

All it takes to make a ripple in the water is one pebble. Nancy and her schmucks have disenfranchised 75 million citizens who are fed up, pissed off and ready to fight. For you liberal pansies who think this is because Trump lost an election....WRONG!

We are fed up with double standards, we are fed up with the defund the police crap. Why didn’t you send a DHR counselor to talk to the crowd instead of cowering behind a desk or wall hoping and praying the Secret Service and Capitol Police will keep you safe?

We are fed up with the constant barrage of charges against Trump because Hillary about whining? Gimme a break, you write the book Nancy.

We are mad that Joe NOW wants unity...should have made that speech 4 years ago Joe. For most of us you WILL NOT be our President.

Most of all, we are pissed off, mad and fed up with the corruption going on in Washington.

It’s easy for the courts to claim there is no evidence of fraud in an election when they won’t even listen for the evidence. How many times have we heard “No judge or court, including the Supreme Court found any improprieties in the election process and threw out every lawsuit because there was no credible evidence?”

This is a classic example of “we hear what we want to hear” but the facts of this matter is this: No court ruled on the evidence because they refused to HEAR THE EVIDENCE. This is a far cry from “having heard the evidence the judge ruled against the President and his legal team. The did not rule on the evidence, they ruled to not HEAR the evidence. They refused to even listen to the scores of sworn testimony which is a far cry from what the Washington and media talking heads continue to spew.

Do We The people not deserve to KNOW if there was fraud and corruption in the election? YES, ABSOLUTELY YES, We deserve to have the evidence presented before the Supreme Court.

 Something this big should be heard and not brushed away like it didn’t happen.

Democrats want healing, unity and a smooth transition.....

should have practiced that 4 years ago. The majority of States voted for Trump, maybe its time for a pebble to fall and “WE THE PEOPLE, in order to form a more perfect Union” start a ripple.

Maybe we should start now by demanding term limits, if eight years are long enough for a POTUS to serve, then why not limit all political terms? No politician, regardless of their party affiliation, should be able to suckle at the teat of the tax payer funded extravagance they have become so addicted to.

Additionally, no longer will senators and representatives have the Cadillac benefits they have now free of charge. They should not have these benefits to enjoy for life. They should have to find and purchase their own health, life and dental insurance and pay the same prices that their constituents must pay.

No longer will they get their ridiculous salary guaranteed for life. After eight years (two terms) are over, they must get off their well padded butt and get a real job and pay into the same social security system (the only legal Ponzi scheme) that we must pay into.

Oh and by the way, you will have

your Social Security checks taxed like the rest of us do.

 Next time you see him(Joe) walking the hallowed halls of the People’s House, be sure to thank your president for this benefit, it was he who pushed to have your Social Security “benefits” taxed regardless of the fact that you have already paid taxes on the earnings from which these funds were taken.

In closing, let me assure you, the reader, that there is no threat, overt or implied in this Op-Ed. It is my opinion, that’s all. No threats of violence, no suggestion of physical harm to anyone especially to delicate politicians.

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