Judge dismisses LTGGA complaint due to lack of standing

Judge Bruce Butler has dismissed the Lincoln Trail Grain Growers Association, Inc.'s verified amended complaint, which sought to have the Nucor deal declared unlawful. In his order, Judge Butler says that the LTGGA cannot satisfy the requirements necessary to establish standing.

The question of standing is whether the litigant is entitled to have the Court decide the merits of the dispute or of particular issues. The existence of a plaintiff's standing is a constitutional requirement to prosecute any action in the Courts of the Commonwealth.

"The Plaintiffs have not demonstrated a concrete and particularized injury that is either actual or imminent and distinct and palpable," Butler writes. "The alleged injury is not fairly traceable to the challenged action and is not redressable by a favorable decision."

An in-depth article on the Judge's order and the attorneys' reactions will be posted at a later date.

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