Kentucky Equity Coalition hosts “Unity Day”

 The Kentucky Equity Coalition’s Unity Day on July 3 saw nearly 100 people of all ages show up in support of inclusion and positivity.

 KEC is a volunteer-powered non-profit organization created to unify communities and establish equity in all aspects of life via education and community action.

 The event began with a “Walk for Unity” from the Meade County History Museum down to the amphitheater on the riverfront. There, speakers spoke about the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in our community. State Representative Attica Scott attended and spoke to those present about what they could do to foster positive growth in the community and beyond.

 Participants then began creating chalk art along the riverfront, writing messages such as “Diversity is beautiful” and “Come together.”

Safety guidelines recommended by the state and the CDC were followed.

The chalk art was washed away by city employees Monday morning.

“Chalk fades and can be washed away, but memories cannot be erased,” the organization said in a Facebook post. “Our children seeing us come together and sharing desire for equity and compassion will forever be imprinted on them. Our community members seeing that they have allies and support among their peers is meaningful beyond all measure.”

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