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Kentucky Strong: Greenwave Nation stands tall for Eastern Kentucky flood victims

Just before 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27, Meade County School District Transportation Director Glen Wilson and nine school bus drivers made their way out of the Meade County bus lot on their way to Winchester, KY. They are meeting a team there from Letcher County Schools to deliver eight Meade County school buses to a district that was decimated by the Eastern Kentucky floods.

Letcher Co. lost 28 buses in the flood and needs at least 15 buses to meet just one of the thresholds necessary to start back to school this year. Meade Co. was planning to send these eight buses to auction but instead, decided to stand tall for Eastern Kentucky by donating them to one of Kentucky’s hardest hit school districts. Along with delivering the buses today, Wilson took money donated to the district and purchased wheel barrows, shovels, mops, buckets, fans, garden hoses and other supplies to help the flood victims in their cleanup efforts. Cox’s Variety and Home Center in Brandenburg gave a 10 percent discount on all items purchased. The bus drivers who volunteered to drive the buses are Lonnetta Sumner, Regina Decker, Felicia Thomas, Loren Benham, Karen Williams, Nicole Warren, Bobbi Mann, Cathy Jones and Dee Tellman. A ninth bus was taken to transport the drivers back to Meade County after the buses are handed over to Letcher Co.

Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of the multiple initiatives that the Meade County School District has undertook to help Eastern Kentucky school districts get back on their feet and get children back in school after the tragic floods destroyed many of their facilities, buses, books, etc.

The team stands with the buses and supplies they are delivering to the Letcher Co. School District.

Glen Wilson, Transportation Director, and the bus drivers discuss the route they will take.