Know a good plumber? Send them to the courthouse, the septic tank is full and running over!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Meade County KY News, LLC.


Submitted by Conrad Doyle


To the members of our farming families and communities who have been sold out and cast aside, please know this: those individuals that have manipulated and used you, for yet to be revealed reasons, hold on, just listen-can you hear it? As you climb down from your tractor cab and climb up into the cab of your grain trucks and head out for an hour and a half or longer one-way trip, to the closest grain shipping portal, hold on, just listen. When you reach into your family funds and put last year’s small profits into your gas tanks, hold on, just listen. Listen to the questions being asked, listen to the questions not being answered. Listen to your public "servants" as they dodge the questions and avoid taking any responsibility. Listen as they deny their part in this growing and ugly corruption filled debacle. Listen and watch as the architects of the cesspool begin to pick up the pace of their private meetings. Watch as the members behaviors mimic the chaotic motions of a disturbed ant hill. Listen....just you hear yet? Are those the sounds of distant drums....oh wait, just listen....sounds like the bells are beginning their tolling.....Listen... Just Listen....

In the morning, you farmers will rise and begin your daily chores such as equipment maintenance, greasing joints, sharpening and/or replacing blades, fluid checks and if necessary draining hydraulic and refilling of diff and engine oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants, etc. These general "house keeping" chores must be accomplished before noon so you can "get down to business" after lunch. Likewise, our public "servants" and working politicians must do a number of chores such as practicing deception, rehearsing denials, twisting facts, manipulating citizens, perfecting sincerity and polishing their public appearances and handshake. These general "house keeping" chores must be accomplished while simultaneously performing the proverbial "stabbing unbeknownst citizens in the back.”

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