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Lady Tigers prove too much for Ladywaves


Sports Reporter

 The MCHS Ladywave Soccer team knew that if they were to keep pace with the Bardstown Lady Tiger high-powered offense Sept 8, they were going to have to give it their best on both sides of the ball. Meade’s defense knew they were going to have to step it up and keep them outside the box if they hoped to stop Bardstown from scoring. At the start of the game, it looked as though Meade’s defense was slowing Bardstown from getting the ball to their lead scorers, but it didn’t take Bardstown long to make the needed adjustments and score their first goal of the game just ten minutes into the game. While Meade was trying to make their own adjustments, Bardstown got the ball inside where they scored again to take a two-goal lead.

 Meade, now in a hole, tried to mount attacks on Bardstown, but just could not generate anything that would get behind their defense to set up accurate shots, and if they did take a shot, it was either deflected or intercepted by Bardstown defenders. Once Bardstown got the ball, they moved it up the field quickly, which resulted in another score before the end of the first half, giving them a three-goal lead.

 At the half, Meade was left looking for answers on how to slow the Lady Tigers down, or at least keep them from scoring. But by the midway point in the second half, Bardstown doubled their score to 6-0 leaving Meade shaking their heads. Meade’s best chance to score came late in the second half with just six-minutes left in the game when Bardstown committed two hand balls giving Meade free kicks. Meade failed to capitalize on either chance, but Bardstown was able to score one more goal with four-minutes left, handing Meade their worst loss of the season, and only their second game where they failed to score a goal.