Ladywaves cruise past Lady Bears

By Richard Fairman

The Ladywave soccer team dominated on the field for their seniors on Sept 14, in their home opener against the Butler County Lady Bears. Meade comes into the game still looking for their first win, well actually their first Goal the season. The team began the season with back to back road trips, with their season opener ending in a loss to Bardstown by a score of 8-0. Then they traveled to Bullitt East for their second game, which ended in a draw, but still Meade had yet to put a ball in the goal. With as much talent as Meade has up front it is hard to believe that they are struggling to put points on the scoreboard, but that all changed on senior night.

From the very start Mede looked hungry for a goal and took the attack to Butler from the very first whistle. With only 55-seconds ticked off the clock, junior Cyia Robertson scored Meade’s first goal of the season. Robertson dribbled around two Butler defenders to go one on one with the keeper, who she promptly beat to put Meade up by one early. It did not take long after that for the rest of the Meade offence to get in on the action as Meade was up by five before midway through the first half.

In the remaining 20 minutes of the first half, Meade’s offense moved the ball around and continued to play well bring the ball up fast and attacking the goal. Meade players combined to score five more goals on Butler’s Keeper, with the tenth goal coming just before the whistle sounded for the half. That would be it would take as Meade finished the half up by 10, ending the game

Game 1 2 F

Butler Co 0 X 0

Meade Co 10 X 10

Goals Assists

Cyia Robertson-4 Cyia Robertson-2

Cheyenne Stafford-2 Cheyenne Stafford-1

Ally Hearn-1 Ally Hearn-1

Grace Mattingly-1 Matti Clanton-1

Matti Clanton-1

Embrey Keenan-1

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