Ladywaves Cruise to District 11 Championship Game

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 On Feb. 24, the Meade County Ladywave Basketball team kicked off their run for the District 11 Championship against the Lady Aces of Fredrick Fraize High School in the first round of the tournament. This is a determined Ladywave squad that knows the task in front of them, and they got to work right from the start at accomplishing that mission. In less than a minute into the contest, Meade’s only senior, Kendall Wingler, put the Ladywaves into the lead with the opening points of the contest by hitting a three-pointer from the corner. Wingler’s 27-points led all scorers in the game, but she did not do it on her own, as the entire team was able to get playing time. A joyful sight for Ladywave fans was to see sophomore Aubrey Hardesty come into the game after taking a hard fall in last Friday night’s game. Hardesty didn’t miss a beat as she helped Meade jump out to a 22-point lead, with Fredrick Fraize only able to hit one three-pointer and a free throw, by the end of the first. Meade’s defense didn’t let up in the second keeping Fredrick Fraize grounded. Meade’s offense, on the other hand, was a fluid motion as they moved the ball around the arc to open players. As a matter of fact, eight-players were able to score in the second to spread their lead to 46 at the half.

 After the half, it was time for the younger players on the team to show what they have learned through the season and get them ready for the tougher games they may find themselves in going forward. Coach Hackert began rotating her younger players into the game midway through the third, sitting down her big guns, Wingler, Jenna Gallimore, and D. Griffen. In the second half of the game Meade put on a shooting clinic from beyond the 3-point arc, as the team combined for 10 three-pointers. Fredrick Fraize had no answer for Meade’s overpowering offense, but still never gave up, and continued to fight till the very end, with the fourth period being their best offensive period of the game as they were able to score 13-points on Meade, but would still lose to Meade by a score of 91-27.

Box Score 1 2 3 4 F

Fredrick Fraize 4 4 6 13 27

Meade County 26 28 22 15 91


K. Wingler-27

J. Gallimore-19

D. Griffen-9

P. Bradley-9

A. Babb-8


P. Bradeley-3/7

J. Gallimore-5/7

K. Wingler-5/9

A. Babb-2/2

P. Medley-1/1

A. Hardesty-1/1


M. Abersold-7

J. Gallimore-6

D. Griffen-5

K. Wingler-5

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