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Ladywaves Dominate First Regional Game

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 The Meade County Ladywave Basketball team began their run for the Region 3 Champion with first round action taking on the Ohio County Lady Eagles on Mar 2 at the Owensboro Sports Center in Owensboro KY. Meade came right out in their pressure Defense that made it hard for Ohio Co to get the ball up the court. Meade’s tough Defense resulted in them being able to steal the ball to transition to their high-powered offense quickly. Ohio County found out quickly that they can’t just guard one of the region’s top player, senior Kendall Wingler, and think they will stop Meade from scoring. With Wingler being chased all over the court, other Ladywave players stepped up and hit their shots to take a commanding lead quickly. Meade used their 3-point shooting ability to jump out ahead of Ohio Co by 10-points, but Ohio came back with a four-point scoring spree before the end of the first, but Meade finished out the first with a six-point lead over Ohio. Meade continued to chase Wingler in the second, which continued to free up seventh grader Peyton Bradley, who seemed to have the hot hand in the first half. While Ohio overlooked her shooting ability, they soon found out how much talent this young shooter really has. Bradley finished the first half with four 3-pointers, along with Meade’s second leading scorer, junior Jenna Gallimore, who also dropped in four 3-pointers in the first half. With Meade’s tough defense working they way they planned, and their offense hitting the long shots, their lead stood at 11 at the half.

 Ohio Co came out in the second half switching up their defense to hopefully slow down Meade high powered scoring machine, but what they found was that by loosening their defense on Wingler, to guard the rest meant she was now open for the ball. Wingler, who was held to just five points in the first half of the game, came back int eh third to rule the period scoring 14-points. Each time Wingler got the ball, the Ohio Co defense would collapse on her, fouling her and sending her to the free throw line. Winger hit six of eight free throws, which continued to add to Meade’s lead over the Lady Eagles, but it wasn’t just Meade’s offense that was on fire. Meade’s defense did not allow Ohio Co to score a single point until just under 2 minutes left in the third period. Meade finished the third with a commanding lead over Ohio Co by a score of 57-41. Meade used the fourth period to slow the game down as they watched the seconds click off the clock. Meade methodicly choose high quality shots they knew would score, then get back on defense where they stopped Ohio from closing the gap on them. With time running out Coach Hackert rotated in her younger players, sitting her starters. Meade finished out game one with a 67-38 win over Ohio County.

Box score 1 2 3 4 F

Ohio County 14 8 8 8 38

Meade County 20 17 20 10 67