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Ladywaves drop home opener

By Richard Fairman

 The Meade County High School Ladywave Volleyball team is still looking for that spark after they lost their season opening game to the Grayson County Lady Cougars. So, on September 10, when they hosted the Daviess County Lady Panthers in their home opener inside the MCHS Main Gym, they thought maybe they had worked out the kinks and found a winning formula. Meade began the first set strong, jumping out to a quick lead over a powerful Daviess team, but it did not take long for Daviess to begin executing their plays to take their first lead of the set. Daviess began putting points on the board, making Meade call a timeout and figure out a defense to slow them down. Meade was able to get the side out after the timeout and began to close the gap on Daviess using a fake set to their big hitter, only to have the outside hitter come in behind with the kill.

 “Our attitude has done a complete 180 from where it was the other night,” Head Coach Bob Dunn said of the girls early play. “We are still an undersized volleyball team compared to the other teams we play against, we’re small. That team there has at least four, maybe five, bigger than out biggest kid, so for the girls to stay in the game is a testament to how hungry they are for the win.”

 Even though Meade bounced back to close the gap, Daviess took the win in the first set. In the second set Meade came out strong, jumping out to a six-point lead quickly. Daviess would try and close the gap on Meade, but just could not find their groove, as Meade cruised to a second set win. Whatever Meade had found in the second set all but alluded them in the third and fourth sets, as Davies went on to jump out in front early, causing Meade to play catch up in both sets. Even though they may have lost the match, Meade was never far behind and only lost each set by mere points.

 Coach Bob Dunn recognizes that his girls are playing hard. They fight for every point but just seem to hit a wall that hurts them in the end.

 “They’re fighting and they’re giving their best while on the floor, but it’s the little things that aren’t happening. It seems, if they get behind, that things don’t go your way; they get down on themselves when they’re trying to play catch up,” Dunn said. “Like I said, a lot has to do with our size. We have some girls who are our big hitters, but they are young and still maturing and when they do it is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Regardless of what the scoreboard said tonight, I am genuinely happy with the way our girls played tonight.”