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Ladywaves eyeing District Title

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


The Meade County High School Ladywave basketball team has been the team to beat this season in District 11. The Breckenridge County Lady Tigers are the only team at the moment in the District that could possibly give them a run for their money and derail their number one seed. Their chance to do just that came on Jan 31 when Meade hosted their second meeting of the season. Coach Dina Hackert has had her team working on stretching out the floor, so in this game Meade decided to set up the offense quickly, then go right to the basket without looking for the extra pass. That strategy didn’t take long to make a sudden impact, as Meade jumped out to a 13-0 lead over Breck. With Meade jumping out in front so quickly it forced Breck’s coach to call a timeout. After the timeout, Meade’s offense didn’t let up off the gas, but Breck’s defense was able to slow things down and start to put points on the board. By the end of the first half Meade had a comfortable 16-point lead, and headed to the locker room by a score of 42-26.

“We knew that we needed to come out tonight and be ready to play and get the first punch, and not let them punch first. Which I think we did very well since we came right out to go on that 13-0 run to start the game,” junior Jenna Gallimore said of the teams quick start in the first half. “Our goal this season was to be the number one seed going into districts, so we knew that we needed this win rather than let it be decided by a coin toss. So, by winning this game it all but assures us that. Our main goal in this game was to double team Grimes when she had the ball, but when she didn’t have it, we just laid back and matched up on our player.”

In the second half Coach Hackert had the team slow things down by passing the ball around the arc setting up to get the ball down low. But even with slowing down the offense, Meade’s defense kept Breck from closing the gap by not allowing them to drive the lanes, or press them as they brought the ball up to force a turnover. By the end of the third period Meade had starched out their lead to 24 over Breck, which allowed Hackert to rotate her younger players into the game to get a feel for what its like to play in a game of this stature.

“We like to come out on teams like this and get right into it, which catches them off guard and allows us to work our offense to build a lead and get out in front quickly. We watch a lot of film to see how teams get played, then we adjust to throw something new at them to catch them off guard,” senior Kendall Wingler said of Meade’s offensive play this season. “We’ve been trying to work the offense this way, and I think tonight it came together really well. The team is gelling really well right now, players are getting open and looking for the extra pass for the open shot, and that’s what we need to be doing as we get closer to districts.”

Meade cruised through the forth period rotating players in and out, but maintaining their lead all the way to another win, securing their number one seed when District play begins in a couple of weeks.

Box Score

Breck Co 13 13 7 17 50

Meade Co 22 20 15 11 68