Ladywaves get back on track


Sports Reporter

On Feb. 20, the Meade County High School Ladywave basketball team was able to finally get back on the court in a pickup game against the LaRue County Lady Hawks. For this game Meade would be without their head coach Dina Hackert due to other commitments, and senior center Dee Griffith due to nursing an injury. Meade came out in their press man-to-man defense. LaRue County was able to counter with long passes, but had difficulty making the shots when they needed them, allowing Meade to grab the rebounds and transition to offense. By the end of the first period, Meade had jumped out to a five-point lead over LaRue. Meade was met with a more physical defense at the start to the second period as LaRue came out in their own man-to-man defense. Even with Meade being closely guarded, they were able to maintain their lead to the half.

After the half, Meade did not skip a beat. Even with Griffith out, Meade’s offense continued to roll. One of the main contributors to Meade’s offense came from senior Emily Myers’ rebounding efforts under the basket. Myers, who normally plays the forward position, filled in for Griffith and led the team in rebounds, which helped Meade transition back to offense and spread their lead over LaRue to 10-points by the end of the third. In the final period, Meade slowed their play down but maintained their lead, mostly due to sinking 10/14 free throws while LaRue tried to mount comeback after comeback. Meade shut them down each time. Meade cruised to the win, ending a three-game losing streak.

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