Ladywaves hold off a late charge for the win


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The Meade County Ladywave basketball team began to find their rhythm last week in their home opener against Hancock County, and on Jan 19. that rhythm continued when they hosted the Mercy Lady Jaguars. Going into the game, Meade knew that they were going up against a struggling bigger team, and would need to rely on their outside shooting, while being aggressive under the basket for rebounds. Meade jumped right back into their man-to-man defense to start the game, which kept Mercy from moving the ball accurately, and forced turnovers that Meade capitalized on. Meade got out to a quick four-point lead, then spread that lead to six by the end of the first.

“I believe that we have a whole new mindset going into this season. We’ve implemented a whole new offense, well not entirely new, but changed some things from the way we used to do them, which I think is beneficial for the entire team,” senior Jenna Gallimore said of the team’s aggressive offense this season. “This offense keeps us moving and looking for the open player, rather than trying to force it. We have been getting the ball down low a lot more this year where Dee (Griffith) can put it up quicker. I think we are just now starting to find our rhythm, but we still have a long way to go.”

Mercy kept chipping away at Meade’s lead in the second and finally was able to tie the game with just a minute left in the half, but Meade was able to come back before the buzzer to regain the lead with a three-point shot from senior Emily Myers.

Meade came out in the second half and dominated on defense, as well as the boards, grabbing rebounds to keep their offense alive. Meade spread their lead over Mercy to 11-points, mostly due to Myers’ hot hand from beyond the three-point line. Myers would end up hitting five of the seven three-point shots she took, and Mercy had no answer on how to defend that. Meade was able to spread their lead to 14-points at one point, but Mercy came back to get to within 11 by the end of the period.

At the start of the fourth Mercy came out with a new full court press defense, that Meade found some difficulty dealing with while bringing the ball up. With Meade finding issues on offense, Mercy continued to chip away at Meade’s lead. Mercy was able to tie the game at 55 with just under two minutes left in the game, but through resilience and aggressive play, Meade regained a one-point lead with just 17 seconds left in the game and would go on to secure their second win of the season.

“We came out really strong tonight. We were going off the momentum from our win against Hancock the other night. We knew Mercy was a good team, but we were not afraid, so we knew if we came out with heart, and went for every rebound, and fought for every scrape, that we could win”, senior Emily Myers said of the game. When asked about her three-pointers she said, “I have been working all summer on those, and tonight I was able to go out and hit them. They didn’t want to guard me at first, so I just took advantage of the opportunity. I just have a feeling that Breck isn’t going to give that opportunity come friday night.”

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