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Ladywaves honor their four departing seniors

By Richard Fairman

The Meade County High School Ladywave Soccer Boosters, along with coaches and the rest of the team, honored their four outgoing seniors prior to their home opener against Butler County on Sept 15. As the families lined up each player’s name was called out and a short bio was read. This year’s seniors were:

Goalkeeper Maddison Hebert, daughter to Sara and Larry Hebert. Maddi’s future includes going onto Union College to continue her soccer career while majoring in Biology. Then plans to move forward to Medical school in the hopes of becoming a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Her favorite memory was getting a text in the group chat from Lauren Littrel asking if anyone else had the Pre-Game poops, and everyone started agreeing with her. She would like to thank her parents, and brothers for constantly coming to her game no matter how far they were. They have always supported her through her soccer career, and to the coaches and team, thanks to them she has become the goalie she is today.

Defensive Back Bella Burdick, daughter to James and Debra Burdick. Bella plans to attend Mid-America College of Funeral Services to receive an Associate of Applied Science degree, in the hopes of one day becoming a Funeral Director, and an embalmer. Her favorite memories include when Coach Cray was hit in the face with a ball, or Amber putting Maria’s sock in her mouth, and the time that her and Maddi got Amber to sniff Maddi’s goalie gloves. She wants to thank her original coaches, Chad, Jason and Joe for teaching her everything she knows about soccer. She says that they are the ones that awoken her passion for the sport. To her parents who always supported her and did their best to get to as many games as they could and to Coach Craycroft and Coach Cray for being there for her and being her coaches. But she would like to especially thank Jason Fore and Joe Keith for being like family to her and always being there to make her a better player as well as a better person.

Outside back Amber Burns, daughter to Krystal Wyatt and Daniel Burns. Amber’s plans include attending EKU to study criminal justice in the hopes of one day becoming a forensic anthropologist. Her favorite memories while a Ladywave include making Coach Dawson create a Tinder Account while attending soccer camp and when they made Brayden Board walk through the entire building and shout until she reached her room. She would like to thank all of her friends and family that have supported her over the last four years, and special thanks to all the seniors for showing her what true friends are and wishes you all the best.

Right Wing Sadie Evans, daughter to Shannon Evans. Sadie plans to continue her academic career at the University of Louisville or NYU in the fall of 2021 in the hopes of one day becoming a Pediatric Oncologist. Her favorite memory while a Ladywave was all the bus rides to away games and getting to laugh and bond with all her teammates. She would like to thank her Mom, her brother Issac, all her teammates, friends and family and all six of her half siblings along with her previous coaches for getting her wh