Ladywaves Sweep the Lady Trojans

By Richard Fairman

On September 15, the Meade County High School Ladywaves volleyball team hosted the Lady Trojans from North Hardin. Both teams came into the evening looking for a win, since they have yet to put a W in the win column. In games like these it is time for the whole team to find something that is going to motivate them to play their best game and leave it all on the court. While hopefully after Meade honored their departing seniors that would be enough to rise to the challenge.

From the very first side out Meade was able to jump out in front, but they would stumble from time to time which allowed North Hardin to close the gap keeping them in the game with each set they played.

Even with North Hardin making points, Meade got the job done when they needed too. In their first set, John Hardin continued to hang around, but Meade would rally back to keep the lead they had built to go on and take the first set.

Meade carried their hard-hitting consistency over to the second set which allowed them to jump out in front once again. Building an early lead has not been Meade’s issue, it is keeping the lead that has been their Achilles heel. With John Hardin continuing to give Meade all they could to keep the second set close, Meade settled into a groove late, coming back with two huge rallies that secured a second set victory. Their first rally netted them four points, then after a side out the second one sealed the game with a five-point rally.

The third, and final, set was the closest set of the night, as North Hardin would just not give in. Both teams had spurts at the net that put points on the board, but in the end Meade bug in the hardest to come back and finish John Hardin off, winning the match in straight sets, which gives them their first win of the season.

Box Score: Set 1 2 3

N. Hardin 23 15 23

Meade Co 25 25 25

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