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Late Greenwave rally seals the win


Sports Reporter

It took a few cancelations and moving games on the schedule, but the Meade County Greenwave Baseball team was finally able to get their second game in against the Breckenridge County Tigers on May 3. Meade secured the number one seed in the District 11 after beating Hancock both times they met and taking a 6-3 win in their first game against Breck on April 30.

 “We know that Breck is an incredibly talented team. They’ve got some good pitching and their bats can get hot. I firmly believe that they can absolutely make some noise in the Region tournament,” Head Coach Justin Amburgy said of Breck’s team, “But baseball’s a funny game and the ball can bounce in different ways, so you just never know. So, I guess we’ll see what happens on down the road.”

 Breck County got their offense started in the first inning, with senior Justin Hiner on the mound for Meade. Hiner gave up a pair of singles and a double in the first that gave Breck a one run lead early. Breck also got to Hiner in the top of the third with another pair of singles, and a double that gave them a 4-0 lead.

 “Justin (Hiner) has done a lot better job tonight than he has in the past. He did keep the ball up a little bit, but we’ll continue to work on that. One thing he did was decrease the amount of walks, which has been an issue in the past,” Amburgy said of Hiner’s pitching. “He only gave up one walk this evening. In the past he’s got his walk rate up there, but this evening he did a real good job of putting it in the zone.”

 Meade’s offense got some breaks in the bottom of the third when Breck’s defense committed a pair of errors that allowed them to get on the board and close the gap but could not capitalize and left two on base. After Breck got a run back in the top of the sixth to gain back their four-run lead, Meade’s offense came to life. Senior Trever Goodwin got the offense started with a shot to centerfield. Goodwin would score easily after Hiner helped himself out with a shot over the centerfielder’s head for a stand-up triple. Senior Brady Dawson would be the third player in a row to test the centerfielder as he singled with a shot in the gap to center. After Breck got a pair of outs, junior Gavyn Heiner reached after being hit by a pitch and a pair of singles from sophomore Nate Banks and senior Dylan Abell, Meade was able to tie the game. Goodwin would put Meade out in front with a single that would score two runs to give Meade the 7-5 lead before Breck could get out of the inning.

 “We did start off slow in the beginning, but we were also hitting the ball. I mean we were hitting it hard and making good contact, but it would just be right at them. I told the boys that if we keep hitting and making contact that the ball is going to find the holes sometime,” Amburgy said of the team’s offense. “And that’s what they did. It was a little later than I would have liked, but they just never gave up and stayed in the game. If you just keep swinging they will eventually fall, and that’s what happed tonight. All in all this was a great comeback win for them.”