Letter from MCHS principal

 Hello MCHS Community!  I hope you all took a break from your screens to enjoy last week’s spring break as much as possible!  I want to thank all of you for your understanding and patience as we work through this uncertain time. Our community continues to amaze me--we are committed to collaborating and servicing one another in ways that were previously not imaginable. We are making the iMpossible happen in 2020! Thanks for exemplifying our CORE VALUES (respect, responsibility, positivity, community, pride, and service) and our #WeAreMeade spirit as we persevere through a challenging time!  As a wife and mom of three children (ages 12, 10, and 9), I am experiencing the daily challenges and disruptions of life as we once knew it. I empathize with each of you as we experience this new “normal” together. I do wholeheartedly believe we will all be better and stronger once we get through this!  As we quickly approach the end of the year and NTI Days 11 and beyond, I want to do the best I can to communicate effectively…  Will we go back to school on our beautiful MCHS campus again this year?  I hope so! At this time, we are planning to return on May 4. However, no one really knows how long this shutdown will last or if we will be able to resume on our campus at all. We are working closely with Governor Beshear, Commissioner Kevin Brown, and Superintendent Bill Adams on our end of the year protocols, procedures, and next steps. I will keep you informed as we receive new information.  What are we going to do about activities for the remainder of the year?  We will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students, staff, and community. So, we will continue to be flexible. If we don’t return, we will not have face to face activities. Please find ways to continue to practice social distancing and stay healthy at home. Our staff will continue to be available to you to provide support and suggestions!  What about Prom?  Prom was originally scheduled for April 25, so it is canceled. However, if we are able to return to school we will do our very best to host some type of dance in its place for our students--to celebrate you! (Formal attire will not be required, so please do not think you need to spend money on attire!) We miss you so much and we want to be able to celebrate together if it is safe to do so.  What about Graduation?  Class of 2020, you will have every opportunity to get to the finish line whether we return to our MCHS campus or not. Graduation is a very sensitive topic, and many people have many different thoughts and ideas about a ceremony. We don’t know when, how, or what it might look like just yet, but we know our seniors will be honored! It will likely be the most memorable graduating class ever! Your caps and gowns have arrived. We are working on a drive-through style distribution. Stay tuned for more directions. Remember, your safety and our community’s safety is of utmost importance.  We are thinking and planning with your safety as our number one priority. Please work with us and know that COVID-19 has largely put our ability to control these events at a standstill.  What about Project Graduation?  Our PTSO has a surprise in store for you, Class of 2020! More to come…  What about yearbooks?  They will be arriving soon! We are working on a drive-through style distribution. Stay tuned for more directions. Remember, your safety and our community’s safety is of utmost importance.  Athletics?  We are following KHSAA mandates. All sports are on a dead period until further notice. No games, practices, or school facility use may take place. We will continue to follow KHSAA guidance and will give more information when it is available.  Food Service?  Yes! Caring for our people continues to be a priority! We even continued to provide breakfast and lunch last week during Spring Break! Our District Office and Food Services staff are absolutely amazing! And it continues… DTW: Car Rider Line (1075 Old Ekron Rd) from 11:30-12:30 Ekron Elem: Car Rider Line (2500 Hayesville Rd) from 11:30-12:30 Flaherty Campus: Bus Loop (2615 Flaherty Rd) from 11:30-12:30 Flaherty Mobile Route: Pleasant Hill, Wimpee Rd, Warren Ln, and Buckler Ave from 11-12:30 Muldraugh Baptist: 307 S Main St from 12:00-12:30  Non-Traditional Instructional (NTI) Days?  I am super excited to report that we have been in contact with 99.5% of our 1550 students and 85% have been “participating” in their NTI work! We have been in GREAT shape, and I so appreciate the efforts of our awesome MCHS Family! As we always strive for improvements, I encourage ALL students to be participating in their NTI work moving forward! Students should be communicating with their teachers via Google Classroom, Email, and/or via phone.  NTI Days 1-10 (March 18-April 7) were sent home prior to the closing of school. Today (April 6) is NTI Day 9. With this extension of school being closed until May 4, we will be at 27 total NTI days. NTI days are evolving and require major commitments from our teachers, staff, family, and community members. Thank you for your work and patience! NTI days were not designed to go beyond 10 days and certainly not in succession. We don’t know how many more days beyond May 1 will be NTI days. It will honestly be tough to endure to the end of the academic year, but WE CAN do this! #WeAreMeade  We will continue to prepare. NTI Days 11 and beyond will be found in the district portal. Students, click on your school and look for your teachers’ names. Then, click on a teacher name when looking for your assignment for that particular class. Contact your teacher if you have questions. Staying in contact with your teachers during this time is of utmost importance.  We are striving to keep the amount of work teachers assign manageable during this stressful period for our families. We are asking our staff to be creative in their approach to remote learning. We are creating NTI assignments in 5-day increments. Right now, all families should have access to days 11-15. Please be mindful that our high school teachers have up to 150 students on their caseload. Teachers are now working on the creation of NTI days 16-20 while striving to stay in contact, caring for, and giving feedback to students for the completed NTI days thus far.  In closing, please know that we are here for you! We are here to SERVE you! Our Greenwave Nation is a FAMILY! We are so strong and committed to supporting each other every day as we strive to capitalize on our MCHS CORE VALUES: Respect, Responsibility, Positivity, Community, Pride, and Service! If you have questions, you can call us at 270-422-7515 or email me at janette.schmidt@meade.kyschools.us. #WeAreMeade! Janette A. Schmidt Principal Meade County High School

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