Letter from the Editor

President Dan Lancaster and vice president Chad Hobbs hold a check donated by McGehee Humphrey Davis Realty, Kentucky Land Company of Irvington and Kentucky Land Company of Elizabethtown to help install a security system at the Flaherty Ballpark to combat vandalism.

As some of you know, Flaherty Community Park was vandalized by two juveniles last month. I’m not going to go into much depth on that because the parents of the kids involved made sure everything was returned to normal, fixed or replaced. What I do want to say is that the following morning after the Facebook video of the damage, both Dan Lancaster, Flaherty Community Park president, and myself, vice president, were overwhelmed with the outreach from both our community and beyond, many of which I sadly have never reached back out to just because it was so truly overwhelming! Two of the first people that reached out were Jason Humphrey and Donna Reed. They wanted to donate money to help us out in our time of need, but thankfully, the people responsible for the damage and their families made that right. So, with that being taken care of, Jason said that they still wanted to donate the money to the park to put towards security cameras, so that we can get ahead of the individuals who sadly want to vandalize our park (this wasn’t the first time).

On behalf of Dan, myself, all the volunteers that make Flaherty Community Park the success it is every baseball and softball season, along with the hundreds of boys and girls we cater to every spring and summer, we can’t say thank you enough to McGehee Humphrey Davis Realty, Kentucky Land Company of Irvington, and Kentucky Land Company of Elizabethtown for donating $1,000 towards helping us put in a security system so that we can safeguard what so many have sacrificed over the years to build -- a sanctuary for 4 to 16 year-old boys and girls in our community every spring and summer. Sadly, I will fall short of everyone involved, but to Jason Humphrey, Donna and Doug Reed, Danny Board, Derrick Board and everyone else involved with McGehee Humphrey Davis Realty, Kentucky Land Company of Irvington and Kentucky Land Company of Elizabethtown, we truly can’t say thank you enough for your support in our time of need. As soon as BBTEL gets our Wi-Fi figured out, we will have a security system to safeguard Flaherty’s summertime sanctuary for kids! Please remember the businesses that do so much to support our kids. Whether it’s sponsoring our teams or securing our facility, this isn’t the first time these three businesses have supported our needs. Jason Humphrey alone has come to my kids aid twice in the last two years, once as a sponsor when my team was in a bind and now this year when our beautiful park was turned upside down. Thank you all so much. It’s businesses like these that make Flaherty and Meade County the best place a parent could ever dream of to raise their child!


Chad Hobbs

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