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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

Annie Tonak, of Brandenburg


 As many of you all have heard or read, Nucor Steel has purchased swathes of land in our county to build a new facility. I have read and heard our executive judge and current state representative throw estimations at the general public to pacify concern and distract from the adverse byproducts of this project; local farmers, the backbone of rural America, those who feed us, support small businesses, and support our children’s fundraisers will suffer a significant loss of revenue (an estimated cumulative total of $3.9 million,) as well as extended hours on their workday driving to Owensboro to use their grain processing facility. This is due to an absolute lack of planning on the part of our Fiscal Court. Currently, the CGB facility will slam their door to roughly 1,000 people of our county who farm on January 31, 2020, with no alternative site or options for other businesses like CGB for our farmers to keep their business here, at home.