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Letter to the Editor #1


Submitted by Joe Redmon


 Free societies must routinely wrestle with all manner of important issues.

 The Messenger and this community are currently entangled in one of those issues: speech and freedom of such.

 Anonymous submissions by one Professor Conrad Doyle require steady, reasoned refutation versus simple scorn and mockery. It is absolutely the case that we should mock the lack of moral backbone reflected in his anonymity, as he weekly lobs unsubstantiated accusations against public officials who appear unwilling to adequately defend themselves. This ends now.

 To my fellow community members - I ask you to consider some facts when you contemplate how Meade County should react to winning the site selection competition for a modern steel mill. Anonymous mutts like Dr. Doyle will focus upon details - sometimes interesting, sometimes mundane, always irrelevant. You should focus upon the bigger picture: Do we want outside interests to invest in us?

 If you answer, “no” — I understand. Such an investment as Nucor is making - $1.35 Billion dollars - will definitely change our community. But, you should have the courage to admit your defeatism publicly. And the rest of us should also have the courage to admit that this is exactly what we hoped for when we purchased a 500 acre corn field from Arch Chemical all those many years ago.

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