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Letter to the Editor #1


Submitted by Michael Kelly


 When you tune into 93.5 WMMG, what is your first impression? I personally absolutely love the news segment! And, there’s nothing better than hearing MC Hammer, Chris Stapleton, and ACDC when Alex Allen is on the radio. I love hearing Fearless Em telling us about the specials that our local restaurants have, or who has the lowest interest rates on a new car loan. Lots of Meade Countians wouldn’t know if their neighbor or teacher passed away if it weren’t for WMMG. Tradio has been a staple of our community for as long as I can remember. Why would anyone not want to listen to WMMG?

 To me, the answer is simple. It is what transpires between 11 a.m. and noon, a time that most working folks are busy, invested in their daily tasks on the job. This time on WMMG is set aside for “Edgewise.” Prior to the show beginning, there is a disclaimer that the views and opinions are those expressed of the callers and host of the show… BLAH BLAH BLAH… Recently, Edgewise’s host condemned the Meade County Messenger for allowing people to post anonymous editorials in the paper. An interesting take, as Edgewise regularly depends on people calling anonymously and bash whoever, whenever, however they feel necessary. If the host Randy Johnson does not agree with you, he raises his voice and attempts to discredit or minimize callers’ statements, followed by an abrupt, “thank you for calling,” and a hang up. This is typically followed by an effort to bash the opposing opinion, based on his narrow, intolerant personal views, and often using verbiage he doesn’t seem to fully understand, sometimes supported by propaganda that he had prepared before the show began to help push a bigoted, right-leaning agenda; when he is questioned, he is sure to hide behind religious beliefs, disregarding the Golden rule, and any statements made about tolerance or loving your neighbor.

 If I owned a business, I would avoid advertising on WMMG anywhere between the 11-12 hour; it could invite people to believe that I support the opinions of a man that regularly disparages anyone that is not a white male with his religious beliefs. I know this is not representative of our county, or men, or those who are conservative or consider themselves Republicans. It is distasteful and embarrassing to have someone carry on the way that Mr. Johnson does. I ask if you own a local business that advertises with WMMG that you listen to the show. Is this really something you want to be a part of? Is this something that will increase customers or grow your business? Lots of community members will tell you they don’t listen to WMMG because of Randy Johnson and the show “Edgewise” and the manner in which he is allowed to spew baseless opinions and utter negativity. Why is WMMG allowing one bad apple to ruin the entire bunch?

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