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Letter to the Editor

 In March of this year we were all told that the corona virus, covid-19 was a very serious problem and would kill millions. The projections for the number of deaths have not come to pass, thank God. We were also told that any person that had died and tested positive for covid-19 would be counted as a virus death even if it wasn't the cause, so the death numbers we have are skewed. With "Social distancing" becoming the new coin phrase and "alone/together" constantly broadcast over the air waves we have all been conditioned to accept this "new normal" way of living in society. But what is going on here? We lost our way of supporting ourselves because we were told not to work or we could spread the virus. We were told we could not go to worship God in our churches, open our businesses to make a living or go places without a mask. The protesters in our capital city of Frankfort were bashed in the news for not wearing mask or "social distancing", or for being too loud outside when our governor gave his press conference while protesting for our rights given to us by The Bill of Rights and our Constitution. When people tried to go to church the police were used to "intimidate" them by getting their license plate number with threats to quarantine them. The police used force and guns in other states to jail people for opening their businesses with a very high bail required to get out of jail. Now we see "protesters" causing property damage to these same small businesses keeping them shut down. It looks like a war zone in Minnesota. A retired 77 year old African American police officer trying to stop looting in his community was shot and killed along with many others in the path of these riots (not protest), throughout the our country and now the entire world. Is this black mans life not equal to George Floyd ? No "social distancing"or few mask used by the "protesters . No moral compass to stop the pain and suffering caused by these riots- did the virus take a break for these unruly protest ?

 The protesters that were jailed were bailed out by Hollywood celebrities.If the virus is as serious as we are told why were the police not used to stop the protesters ? How is it the a large public funeral can be held for George Floyd but we can not attend the funeral of our own loved ones ? Is there an evil agenda? Were the police told to stand down ? Were the protesters "rioters" spreading the virus while not wearing masks or "social distancing" ? Or is this whole virus thing not so serious and just an agenda used to get power over us and destroy our economy and our country ? Why is it OK and lawful for "protesters" to take control over a six block area in a major U.S. city while illegally armed, per city of Seattle law, and treating the area as their own country and it is not OK for legally armed peaceful protesters in our state capital to protest to reopen our economy. Armed peaceful protest is bad, armed rioters "protesters" are good per mainstream media First, numbers of illegal migrants invading all of Europe and countries all over the world and now these millions of illegals joining forces with disgruntled citizens to topple monuments and erase the history ( good or bad) of nations.

 Coordinated "protest" worldwide- is there an agenda ? Think about it, the frog is in the pot and the water is almost boiling.

Submitted by Martin Krimm, of Webster