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Letter to the Editor

 I must confess that I don’t normally read editorials by anyone who refuses to provide their true identity. I view these type of anonymous editorials as a means for the writer to express opinions with no accountability, making it easy to spew controversial or politically charged rhetoric and hide behind their anonymity. I don’t take any opinion seriously from someone who won’t publicly stand behind it.

 But when I was reading the July 16 edition of The Messenger and saw the picture of Governor Beshear accompanying Conrad Doyle’s editorial, I have to admit I was curious. I found it hilarious and hypocritical that Doyle would criticize anything about wearing a mask since he or she hides behind the mask of anonymity on a regular basis. Doyle’s editorials are no more meaningful than the opinions of all those Twitter trolls who hide behind their fake accounts. It’s sad that we live in a world where people can say anything about anybody with no accountability or repercussions because they hide their identity.

 I assume Doyle will continue to submit similar editorials in the future, but I vow to never read one again. I do have a request of Doyle though. Please change your byline to a more appropriate fictional name, Coward Doyle.

Mike Greenwell

Ekron, KY