Letter to the Editor

Bravo and a big thanks to Chad Hobbs for his excellently written editorial Titled- Fear versus facts: the national media spin. In my opinion the only way for things will go back to as normal as possible is for our legislatures to take this abusive power away from the governor. I believe it is fine to have recommendations from the governor on this type of thing but not mandates which close businesses, schools and churches and keep people apart from loved ones. The scars left in small children's minds of so many people walking around with mask will never go away. If the governors of all states in this great nation continue with these draconian mandates I fear a very bad outcome- possible fines, jail-time for noncompliance and forced vaccinations- continued rise in suicides, drug abuse and domestic violence and then as Gerald Celente says "when people have nothing left to loose -they loose it". Pray for a good outcome from the next legislative session, January is a long way away, hope we can hold out.


Martin Krimm, of Webster

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