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Letter to the Editor

 he ones calling for de-funding the police claim that it can be done by creating community based organizations to fill the gap of resulting smaller police forces. Well that sounds all well and good but what makes a good community? A community strong enough to take on the responsibility of the affect of less police would have to have strong morals and be willing to put the whole welfare of the community above an individuals need. It would need charity in the sense that the love of God comes first and each persons therefore would love and respect each other through the love of God. All decisions that affect the whole community would be made through prayer and each person would need to take on responsibilities according to their abilities for the good of the community. Not so long ago farming communities thrived. If someone needed a barn built the whole community would join together and get the barn built. Each had their own part to play, without complaining about their role. The women would see to it that there was food and water, each man would do his part- one might have a sound mule to pull up beams-one might have a saw mill to mill lumber- one might be afraid of heights and be the ground man to fetch supplies and so on. The main point- no one complained about their part in the building of the barn- no equal rights in play, no discrimination complaints- no I'm doing most of the work- all was done for the love of neighbor through the love of God. Most of today's society is self-centered with low morals and is only concerned about what makes them feel good or brings them personal pleasure. Case in point- why do individuals think that it is OK to burn buildings, loot and harm people because some scared or maybe evil cop shot someone- do two wrongs make it right. In my opinion both groups are stereo typing- all cops are bad because one cop is bad-all blacks are bad because one black is bad- the accuser is becoming the accused. I don't think a community with the low morals and Godless mind set would be able to contain itself and hold each individual accountable in a fair and just way Without

strong family units based with strong moral values and a God centered life society will continue to crumble. We must return to prayer and love of neighbor through the love of God to have strong good communities. We must have just and fair laws and people to enforce laws blindly- we must have police.

Martin Krimm, of Webster

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