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Letter to the Editor

 Well we finally found out who the anonymous Conrad Doyle is who writes op eds every week and is printed by the Meade Co. Messenger. These op eds suggest illegality and wrong doing by all Republican officials in Meade Co. It is very much like US Rep. Adam Schiff who hates President Trump and swore continuously that he had proof that Trump colluded with Russia. He never brought this proof to the impeachment hearings.

 Conrad Doyle aka Chad Hobbs. Chad Hobbs is first cousin to Democrat candidate Brian Chism who is running against incumbent Republican Nancy Tate for state representative. This is so unethical and should be illegal for this newspaper to be involved in this. I wonder if the Chism campaign is cutting the newspaper a check. It is like DC dirty politics at its worst.

Ginny Delano, of, Irvington