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Letter to the Editor

 First, I want to apologize for any grief that has been brought on to Chad Hobbs and The Meade County Messenger for telling my story. I was afraid that some would not understand the true story of my husband's death and what I have had to fight to get the truth.

 I’ve thought long and hard about writing this for a while, but this week when my family received in the mail a flyer from the Republican Party Election Guide 2020 that mentioned my husband in Joe Redmon's opinion piece and was used as a political campaign made me absolutely furious. It says Meade Truth. All I can say is “are they scared of the TRUTH?” Maybe you should walk in my shoes. It hasn’t been anything I would wish upon my worst enemy. You don't know me or my family from Adam. You don't know what the County has put us through to struggle to get all information, and as time went, on it kept getting more bizarre.

 From not releasing a police report for over 2 years and paperwork to cover up a drug test and some that you trusted, you find out they were partners with others. Some people were told not to talk about it. Some reports contained false information. So, Mr. Redmon you don't understand and know all the information. I have documents that prove my story, and our own State Representative made an appointment for us to meet and talk and didn't even show up.

 So, walk in my shoes and see what l've had to go through as Chad Hobbs tried to understand it all.

By Lisa Hobbs, of Flaherty