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Letter to the Editor #2


Submitted by Salli Gillespie


I am writing to ask that your mysterious guest columnist "Conrad Doyle” identify himself. Mr. Doyle has made over the past several weeks many serious accusations against members of our community and leadership. He has impugned the character of individuals by name who are serving in this community. He cites no evidence, nor does he name any sources for the information he presents in his column. If his information is to be taken as anything other than vicious gossip, he needs to own it, and cite his sources. Anonymous accusations lacking evidence serve no one; and the publishing of such does not reflect well on the Messenger nor the columnist.

 Now that all these stories are out there, however, it would be well for the accused to make some public refutation or clarification. As for me, I'd like to see some industry come here to Meade county, and I hope all these negative stories will not cause businesses to seek a more accepting community elsewhere in which to invest.

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