Letter to the Editor #2


Submitted by Sheila Ray Lancaster


 This letter is in response to Mr. Conrad Doyle regarding HB100. For anyone interested in looking for themselves here is the link for you to go to and read everything I am about to tell you. The link is legislature.ky.gov

 Under Rep. Tate you will read first where it states, “An asterisk (*) next to a bill request denotes primary sponsorship.” (Kentucky General Assembly) When you scroll down to HB100 you will notice that there is no asterisk meaning she is not the primary sponsor of the bill. The overview on the main screen states that this bill is “AN ACT relating to emergency medical service fees and declaring an emergency.” (Kentucky General Assembly) When you click on that bill it will tell you who the sponsors are and here there are in the manner in which they appear R. Rothenburger, J. Duplessis, S. Heavrin, C. Massey, D. Schamore, N. Tate.

There is a complete summary of the original version listed. “Create a new section of KRS chapter 67 to allow a fiscal court to levy a fee on certain units for the provision of emergency medical services; define units subject to fee; require fee to be placed on tax bill; allow collection by sheriff in the same manner as for property taxes; allow sheriff to receive up to 4.25% fee for collection; define “residential,” “commercial,” “charitable,” and “educational” units; allow levy on occupied or unoccupied units or both, occupation determined at the time of initial levy and July 1 thereafter; require fee increases to be imposed by ordinance; require fees collected to be placed in separate fund, used only for provision of emergency medical services; specify that fees are not to be in lieu of any taxes or fees established for the provision of emergency medical services; EMERGENCY.” (Kentucky General Assembly) I realize this was a very long quote and not the normal for writing.

Mr. Doyle all of us pay taxes and if we don’t pay those taxes our property will be seized and sold at the courthouse steps whether this bill passes or not. We that live in Meade County pay school taxes on our utility bills, property tax and vehicle tax but just because several us don’t have children in the school district doesn’t mean we don’t have to pay those taxes. Instead of balking at those taxes I gladly pay them thinking that just maybe that helps children in need have a free breakfast and a free lunch. I seriously doubt that any of us will suffer to much from a tax that is set aside for medical emergency.

see story here (week 7)

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